Boiler Maintenace is Key to Saving Time and Money down the Road!

Rely on Celestial Air in Clifton, Paterson & Passaic, NJ for all of your Boiler Maintenance needs.

While there are a number safety devices and systems one can implement to prevent from boiler operating conditions transforming into disaster situations, nothing beats proper and regular maintenance. Even in employing safety technologies, we must still ensure that they are functioning properly.

We work with you to perform the required testing and maintenance needed for your boiler as well as secure sustainable safe operating condition

Boiler Repair

Our teams conduct an extensive assessment of the situation to ascertain the overall efficiency, sustainability and safety of current equipment. Among a number of factors, this evaluation includes review of your environmental setting and potential constraints, an assessment of your home's instruments, codes, controls and safety requirements.

We guarantee cost and time efficiency in our services to ensure that your family's safety and comfort is restored instantly.

Hire a Professional before it's too late!

In an age of technical convenience, thermostats, electronic controls and timers, may keep some of us from giving our boilers a second thought. Unfortunately, this may also mean dangerously missing the warning signs when something goes wrong. To learn more about boiler inspections call (973) 627-4899 and speak with an expert today!

Avoid Expensive Breakdowns with Routine Inspections

Avoid Expensive Breakdowns with Routine Inspections

Boiler breakdowns are hazardous and can cost thousands of dollars in equipment repairs and additional damage caused to your property. We are here to ensure that your boilers are functioning at optimum and at top energy-efficient levels with the goal to secure your safety and prevent unnecessary costs and energy waste.

Whether you need an inspection for your commercial property or your personal home, Celestial Air is here to help!