Celestial Air Heating Services

Heating Services in North HaledonNew Jersey

Celestial Air is a NATE certified full service HVAC company located in New Jersey.  We service furnaces, boilers and heat pumps.

You depend on your furnace, boiler or heat pump to keep you warm during the colder months in autumn, winter and very early spring. When your heat goes out, there is not a moment to lose. You need the services of Celestial Air to start your system back up and running quick.

Celestial Air is a family operated and owned firm serving all of New Jersey, including North Haledon, since 1991. The property owners and business owners we have helped  during our more than twenty -five years in the HVAC  business have awarded us five star testimonials. We are grateful for their patronage and their trust.


Are You Experiencing Central Heating Boiler Problems?

Boilers do a simple job in a complex way. There are parts to a central heating boiler and any one of these may be the cause of your boiler issue. It also may result in an early demise for your central heating boiler unit.

Central heating boilers can pose a hazardous danger if one or more parts stops working or functions improperly. An overheated boiler or a boiler boil out are dangerous situations that call for immediate attention from one of our trained professionals to remedy the problem. There are additional safety and security dangers posed from gas leaks and malfunctioning burners and thermostats.

Other components that may require service to get your heat up and running include your pump, temperature regulator, drain valve, pressure relief value, pressure gauge and temperature gauge.

If you believe that any of these components is not functioning right, call us today and we will send out a service technician to return your boiler to a safe operating condition.

Don’t be left out in the cold. Call Celestial Air for heating services for furnaces,
boilers and heat pumps. Call (973) 627-4899.

Fast and Reliable Residential Furnace Services

Furnace Upkeep Services

We understand that our customers lead active lives and don’t have room in their day to deal with central heating furnace issues. That’s why we recommend a yearly furnace inspection before home heating season every year to ensure that your boiler remains in top working condition before winter sets in.

Never ever bother with furnace failure again. We can catch the small issues in time before they become huge ones that cost you a lot of money and make you worry when it’s below freezing outside.

Don’t take a chance that you’ll be out in the cold. Call Celestial Air today for a full check up of your furnace.


24 Hour Emergency Heating Service – Residential and Commercial

If you are searching for Emergency Heating Service, then you should speak with somebody that services central heating systems all the time. We are a NATE certified heating contractor and focus on furnace, boiler and heat pump work in New Jersey.

Our technicians are factory-authorized and skilled to deal with all types and brands of boilers. We’ll get your boiler back in service as quickly as we can.

All our heating services are available 24/7 including:  

• furnace repair  • furnace installation • furnace replacement •  boiler repair •  boiler replacement •  boiler installation •  tankless boiler installation and repair •  heat pump repair •  heat pump replacement •  heat pump installation •  tune-ups •  radiant heating services •  oil to gas conversions •  indoor air quality •  commercial heating •  thermostats •  heating maintenance


Heat Pump Services

Celestial Air technicians install, repair, maintain or replace heat pump systems throughout the North Haledon area.  
While heat pumps are one of the most energy and cost efficient heating systems out there, wear and tear on the system can, over time, lead to breakdowns and heating failures.  A minor issue might be an indicator that there are underlying problems with your system.  
Some common signs that you might need heat pump service are:
  • Old age - have your system checked or replaced if it is over 12 years old.
  • Strange noises are a sign that your system needs service.
  • Inefficient or inadequate heating might mean your system is wearing out. This is the time to schedule a repair.
  • Rapid cycling, or your system turns on and off quickly, might indicate a thermostat that is malfunctioning or air flow restriction. 
  • Higher than normal utility bills may signal that your system needs service to perform at optimal efficiency.